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Saturday Before Christmas

December 19th. Christmas week, with at least three projects to finish before the big day. 

Doing one bag for a friend, which I don't think is a Christmas gift. I just promised it for today. Then something for a relative, and my own Christmas present, which I'm making.

Making things for others, especially at Christmas time, seems so right. We aren't just tossing a few extra dollars at someone, we're giving it our full effort. Putting our time into something says a lot more. 

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A little time management goes a long way.

At this particular moment, 90% of my projects are waiting on somebody else. Maybe it's a decision, or some data, or something I just can't do, but the work is idled just the same.  It would be easy to feel frustrated, but it's really an opportunity for gratitude.

First, I'm grateful that I can actually know where my work stands. The whiteboard in my workroom has a brief list of priorities, down the right side. All I have to do is look, and I remember the current status of that project.

Second, I'm working my priorities. Every day starts with me trying to move #1 forward. Every phone call or e-mail has me checking the list to see if I should switch to a higher level project.

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