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Burning Desire to Sew

I've always felt that true goals involve a burning desire. Like a strong craving, the goal becomes an irresistible obsession. Trouble was, I never really had one. Until now.

Commuting this morning, I guess my sewing went supernova. All I could think about was getting home to improve a piece I'm working on. And maybe just focusing on that one piece until it was really good, whatever I had to do, and then moving in to the next piece.


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Conserving Willpower

A little time management goes a long way.

At this particular moment, 90% of my projects are waiting on somebody else. Maybe it's a decision, or some data, or something I just can't do, but the work is idled just the same.  It would be easy to feel frustrated, but it's really an opportunity for gratitude.

First, I'm grateful that I can actually know where my work stands. The whiteboard in my workroom has a brief list of priorities, down the right side. All I have to do is look, and I remember the current status of that project.

Second, I'm working my priorities. Every day starts with me trying to move #1 forward. Every phone call or e-mail has me checking the list to see if I should switch to a higher level project.

Third, my willpower reserves are "pressed down and overflowing." Since my brain isn't in spin mode, trying to figure out what's next, my head is clear, and I don't have that feeling of an unknown task in an unknown state looking ove…