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applying deep work

When I was 35, I took my first position as a professional writer, creating manuals for a company that built secure servers. The new job meant moving from my hometown to Atlanta. As a going-away present, my brother bought me a book called, "A Writer's Time," by Hollywood agent and script merchant Ken Atchity.

In that book, Atchity espouses the philosophy that talent, by itself, won't get you anywhere. He suggests that you need perseverance, as well as connections and an ability to get along with people, but his main point is this: Discipline is the core of success as a writer. No matter how much talent you have, if you don't apply it, daily, you won't see your face in the bookstore window unless the sun is behind you.

An Expanding Thread In the twenty years since I first read his book, the digital revolution happened. We went from index cards -- which Atchity still recommends -- to e-mail, to soundbites, to Vine-covered social media. Recently, a Georgetown pro…