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Conserving Willpower

A little time management goes a long way.

At this particular moment, 90% of my projects are waiting on somebody else. Maybe it's a decision, or some data, or something I just can't do, but the work is idled just the same.  It would be easy to feel frustrated, but it's really an opportunity for gratitude.

First, I'm grateful that I can actually know where my work stands. The whiteboard in my workroom has a brief list of priorities, down the right side. All I have to do is look, and I remember the current status of that project.

Second, I'm working my priorities. Every day starts with me trying to move #1 forward. Every phone call or e-mail has me checking the list to see if I should switch to a higher level project.

Third, my willpower reserves are "pressed down and overflowing." Since my brain isn't in spin mode, trying to figure out what's next, my head is clear, and I don't have that feeling of an unknown task in an unknown state looking over my mental shoulder. This makes it much easier to just do whatever it is I need to do next.

Still frustrating, and I might need to change how I accept projects, like maybe not starting a sewing project until I have all the material choices, or adding a change fee for excessive mods to the pattern or material after I've started. But it's nice to realize that I'm having this frustration because I'm staying ahead of the game.

Gotta keep it that way.